The Book

Each time we make a road trip (which is generally in the USA or Australia as it’s by far the best way to see the wonderful landscapes and natural beauty) we like to make a book. The book has everything we need for our trip, hotel bookings, flights, car hire, maps (as we never use GPS) and such like.

We take a lot of time in creating the book, as this is the beginning of our holiday. I really understand that for some people this sounds like a major chore that concentrates on boring details, but for us we start to enjoy the trip before we set off; thinking about all the places we will go and where we should stop for the evening and the things we can do and what to see.

It’s impossible to plan everything and we sometimes get somewhere early or we wake early and have time to fit something else into the trip that we never envisaged; like the wonderful morning we were able to stop at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument north of Flagstaff. We never intended to stop there, but we woke early that day and had some time to spare. What we stumbled upon was a wonderful park with stunning scenery and really helpful and dedicated rangers. We even had time to visit the near by Wupatki National Monument which felt like being in a kinda Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii video without the instruments.

If you ever make a road trip, stay clear of GPS devices and get yourself a good paper road map; you just may discover some wonderful secrets you never thought of visiting or you never saw when planning your trip.