Fun in Iceland with Bears on Ice

By Conrad
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Everyone who has every done an image search for Iceland understands that it’s a wonderful country with stunning natural landscapes. In the North Atlantic, very expensive and mix this with the lack of warm weather and it’s not high on the list for most tourists.

Bears on Ice

For the last couple of years I have been watching the Bears on Ice website and thought the event looked really cool, meet lots of good looking men and visit a really wonderful destination at the same time.  This year we had a friend visiting from Melbourne and we all decided to join Bears on Ice to finish his visit to Europe.

Organised with both social events like bar and club nights and sightseeing such as the famous Golden Circle tour which is easily accessible from Reykjavik and a visit to the stunningly beautiful Blue Lagoon spa. Based over 3/4 days, the Bears on Ice event has something for everyone in a relaxed environment.

Picture of the Blue Lagoon from when you are entering the spa, the picture shows the black volcanic rock with the stunning electric blue water.
Blue Lagoon

While there we found outside of the main event there were optional other things going on and people were organising meet-ups while touring the island themselves. So if you are planning on going I would suggest going for longer than the few days of the event.  Next time we will defiantly stay longer and make a larger tour around Iceland.  It seems everything you see here is a photographic wonder.

Bears on Ice was everything I was expecting, men from all over the world in a super easy and relaxed atmosphere. The pace of events and tours worked really well and allowed time to do your own sight seeing or shopping. It was so easy to talk with everyone and over the few days we got to know each other.  For men who find these kinda events intimidating and not really their scene I would suggest going to Bears on Ice, the event it really inclusive and friendly, you won’t be left standing by the bar drinking alone.  Its a small group of like-minded men is a small city, the only option is to join the fun.


Generally Reykjavik is not the most beautiful city and has a feel of a cold outpost in the North Atlantic, but while walking around the centre there is a special intimate charm with the excellent cafés, bars, restaurants and independent stores, (very hard to find the big multi-national store here)  which I’m sure is very welcoming after visiting the rest of the country.  There is not a large amount of things to visit in Reykjavik itself, but you’re sitting at the gateway to probably some of the most stunning natural landscape in the world and to be honest this is what visiting Iceland is all about.

Picture from the apartment hotel looking at the main cathedral in central Reykjavik with a dark cloudy sky, the image also shows the different coloured house which are typical of Iceland

Pratical Info

Getting There

Only a short hop (3 hours or so) from Paris to the country’s main airport Keflavik, it’s a very accessible destination for both Europeans and North Eastern American and Canadian cities. We flew with WOWAir a low cost no-frills airline from Paris, which to be honest is not that low-cost, but cheaper than Iceland Air for the dates we were flying.  I would recommend looking around as a number of carriers fly to the country such as EasyJet.  Check out the Keflavik Airport website to see which airports connect with Keflavik. For the hardcore among us you can also get a ferry from Denmark, but it’s both expensive and time-consuming. If you’re from Europe, have the time and plan on extensively touring the country then maybe this is a better option as you can bring your own car, which will be a considerable saving.

Getting About

You need a car in Iceland if you want to get out of Reykjavik, which if you’re visiting then you most certainly will, even for a few days.  We worked it out that for three of us, it was around the same cost to have a car for three days than to get a taxi or bus from the airport to Reykjavik and back again. Reykjavik is a small city and nothing is too far away to walk too; street parking is mostly free if you avoid trying to get too close to the shopping streets and walk a little.


Hotels in Reykjavik are generally really expensive, but there is a large choice of really nice apartment hotels to rent at a much more acceptable price.  You can also cook yourself up a meal or have your morning coffee before venturing out, which if you are on a budget will really help. Don’t be shocked in paying 40€ for 3 coffees and 3 croissants, sorting out your breakfast in the apartment in the morning can reduce considerably the cost of the trip.  We also found that most places are closed early morning and you had to wait until 08:00 or 09:00 before even finding a coffee place open.  I would recommend when you land to go and grab a few basics from the supermarket.

Picture of Bears on Ice 2015 on the Golden Circle tour posing for a group picture
Bears on Ice
A picture of Conrad Heron at Gulllfoss Waterfall while on the Golden Circle tour with Bears on Ice 2015, the waterfall is in the background.
Gulllfoss Waterfall
Picture of Bears on Ice 2015 meeting next to a large 3d map of Iceland in the town hall of Reykjavik before the Golden Circle tour.
Reykjavik Town Hall
Picture of a rainbow over the Gulllfoss Waterfall in Iceland
Gulllfoss Waterfall
Picture of masculine gay men enjoying a group lunch at Geyser in Iceland while on the Bears on Ice 2015 Golden Circle tour.
Group Lunch
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